"There is no problem that can't be solved through the liberal application of heavy equipment."

FM4 (Federation of Marinette/Menominee Motor Maniacs, or "FM Tesseracted") is a a barely-organized association of folks interested in combustion, internal or external, hydrocarbon consumption, deflagration, electrification, and/or detonation.  We like bicycles, motorcycles, kilocycles, ottocycles, braytoncycles, dieselcycles, and rankinecycles.  We have an interest in POWER!  SHP, BHP, KW, MW, FT-LB, N-m, LBST, and kN will find avid enthusiasts here, even if the addiction does weaken our wallets.  Heck, we even like BTUs...

Founded by a group of disaffected gearheads that prefer putzing, grilling, and quaffing to the mundanities of administration, we count among our number citizens of three states consisting of 5 engineers and 3 long-suffering spouses (or would they be spice?).  Since membership is self-declared and this is a federation, we are as organized as a herd of cats.  No matter.  Our primary goal is having fun while progressing through our projects.

So, what exactly does FM4 do? 

Mostly, we collect rust and proceed to clean it with money.  Luckily, finances and inertia have prevented excessive procurement of projects, but we are working to change that.  In the meantime, we expend money on tools, parts, and (for those of us with spice) compensatory damages.

Within the pages of this site, one may find our projects, past and present, technical articles, and anything else that captures our interest.   It's too much like work to keep a log of "what's new," so stop back every couple of decades, or so, just in case something has changed.

And try not to have too much fun.

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